Aaron Nelson

Partner, Elite Defense Group

Principal, Nelson Defense Group

Hudson, Wisconsin

As a Principal and Founder of Nelson Defense Group in Hudson, Wisconsin, Attorney Nelson has dedicated his career to defending humans against the ever-increasing and encroaching power of the government. 

Attorney Nelson has the esteemed distinction of holding the most Hanson Awards ever given by the Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys. That award is only given to attorneys that achieve an acquittal in a homicide case – a rare feat. As of 2022, Attorney Nelson has received seven of these awards, more than any other attorney in the state.

Attorney Nelson’s ability to craft narratives that highlight his clients’ humanity helps persuade juries; it’s his framing of the story that show the jurors the human emotions that led to the event and/or the reporting of the event which allows the jurors to understand the real motives of the witnesses more easily and why the Government’s story simply doesn’t ring true. Attorney Nelson’s ability to tell a story that connects with jurors on a deep, emotional level has proven to move them to action and to vote not guilty in cases which the government thought they had a slam dunk. Attorney Nelson’s ability to connect with juries in this meaningful way is a rare and priceless skill. This ability to authentically communicate with jurors combined with the numerous complimentary qualities of the rest of the Elite Defense team, provides EDG clients the most comprehensive legal team in any courtroom in the country.

On top of his unmatched homicide acquittal record, Attorney Nelson is annually recognized as one of 50 Super Lawyers in Criminal Defense in the state and is AV rated by Martindale Hubbard. He routinely teaches at The National Criminal Defense College, and at national (NACDL) and state (WACDL) seminars, where is generously shares his knowledge and expertise with other attorneys around the country. 

Attorney Nelson, the son of an honest hard-working mechanic who ran his own small business, grew up in a small blue-collar community in Minnesota.  He was surrounded by people who taught him the value of persistence, paying full attention to the task at hand, and always giving one’s full effort. Attorney Nelson applied these values both in the classroom and in team sports.  His achievements on the court and field earned him not only the opportunity to attend college on an athletic scholarship, but ultimately an induction into his High School’s Hall of Fame.  Throughout his life Attorney Nelson has constantly demonstrated his willingness and ability to perform under pressure. After college, he continued his education at UW Law School in Madison, Wisconsin.  Upon his admission to the State Bar, he quickly found that his small-town blue-collar values, combined with his robust communication skills and his unflinching passion to fight for the underdog, made being a zealous advocate not only the perfect calling but also a way of being that will forever identify him.

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