Serious Felonies

Elite Defense Against Serious Felony Charges in Wisconsin

Felony charges result in harsh criminal penalties, including prison time, fines, and probation. However, the criminal penalties are only the start; the collateral consequences of having a felony conviction can follow the convicted for the rest of their lives, limiting their opportunities and damaging their reputations.

The only way to avoid the immense damage of a felony conviction is to win. That requires legal representation from dedicated, experienced, and skilled criminal defense attorneys.

Going on Offense in the Face of Serious Felony Charges

Wisconsin Elite Defense Group seeks out the best investigators and experts, and uses the most dynamic trial techniques available to take on prosecutors and achieve victory in Wisconsin criminal courts. They provide select clients with an unparalleled level of legal experience and resources that has resulted in more than 125 NOT GUILTY verdicts in the most serious cases under Wisconsin law, including sex crimes, homicide, firearms crimes, and financial crimes.

Unlike other independent law firms in the state, the three attorneys of Wisconsin Elite Defense Group only take select cases that warrant the collaboration of their firms and vast network of resources. They only accept felony criminal cases where evidentiary issues, damaging nature of the charges, or a client’s high profile require unparalleled depth and experience.