The Elite Philosophy

Elite Defense Group is not for everyone.

An unparalleled collaboration between Wisconsin’s most decorated criminal defense attorneys, Elite Defense Group is pushing the boundaries of criminal defense. We provide a level of knowledge, skill, and innovation that is not available at any independent law firm in the state.  

Who We Are

We are the combined experience, skills, tactics, and resources of three of Wisconsin’s leading criminal defense attorneys. Michael Cohen, Jessa Nicholson Goetz, and Aaron Nelson take an offensive approach to criminal defense that has resulted in more than 125 not guilty verdicts in jury trials centered on the most serious cases under Wisconsin law.

Why Hire Us

Hire Elite Defense Group because you need the absolute best and cannot settle for anything less.

What is your life worth?

What is your reputation worth?

If you can place a price on them, we are not for you.

What We Do

At Elite Defense Group, we perform at our best when the pressure is the greatest.

Each of the founding members of Elite Defense Group have built successful law firms from the ground up and understand what it means to be a leader, a counselor, and a decision-maker.  We are used to being looked at as sources of reassurance and strength in times of crisis and to taking control of difficult situations.  With 75 years of combined experience in serious felony cases, our attorneys are used to being in charge in the courtroom and in the realm of public relations.

Because we combine the resources and connections built by three separate successful law firms in different areas of the state, we know which investigators and experts will fit with a particular case.  Our attorneys are trusted and respected by experts that regularly work in the criminal justice arena, and we have no difficulty securing the assistance of nationally recognized professionals in the fields of psychology, accident reconstruction, DNA analysis, pathology, use of force practitioners, and sexual assault forensic examinations.

Where We Go

Life-changing problems require life-changing solutions, and Elite Defense Group goes anywhere in Wisconsin where life-changing problems exist. Our services are available for a select-book of discerning clients – including defendants and attorneys – in Wisconsin who require the combined skills of three of Wisconsin’s most accomplished criminal defense attorneys.

Each of our attorneys are known statewide as the attorneys people in the know hire for themselves and their family members when there is a serious crisis. We have represented current and former judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement personnel because people in the know trust our preparation, approach, and results.

How We Lead

At Elite Defense Group, we own the fact that we are not for everyone; that does not mean that our practice does not benefit everyone. The boundaries we push and glass that we shatter has a positive effect on the State of Wisconsin’s entire criminal justice system.

We believe that every human life has value. While our focus is on providing an unparalleled level of full-service representation to a select book of clients, the results we achieve for clients with means will have effects that go far beyond the confines of our caseload. The innovations we make, the results we achieve, and the precedents we set will have a profound effect on the system as a whole, benefitting everyone from indigent defendants to individuals with private defense representation.

Much like yesterday’s luxury appointments becoming today’s standard features in automobiles, our innovative approach to criminal defense will eventually become the standard all Wisconsin defense attorneys strive to meet and all defendants expect.